Trio No. 31


Worthy is the apple branch 

That breaks without bending,

For her seeds will be first 

To penetrate the loamy womb. 

Blessed is the stone

That turns to reveal ancient secrets,

For truth is rarely found

Above the earth. 

Holy is the breast

Upon which a chased man lies his hand,

For therewithin he may

Find forgiveness for his sin. 


The stairs the hall the kitchen and then out through the back door up one step in the dark and practice walking in the ink to the end of the rough boards I think it’s thirteen tentative steps. 


A list of objects and compound objects:

A nail, countersunk in a plank. 

A nail, paint beginning to chip. 

A broom. 

Wet leaves on the ground. 

Wet leaves on the bough. 

Damp wood. 

Paint, beginning to chip. 

Water droplets on a beer can. 

Water droplets on two beer cans. 

The moon. 


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