Trio No. 30


Charles Bukowski, 

I cannot revere you

For you are all humanness

And no humanity. 

Mark Kozolek,

I cannot respect you

For you are all words 

And no heart. 

As for myself,

I must reflect 

That I am all myself

And know not your hurt. 


Stony lonesome and basement afraid as I grew from a child to a taller child to a person who can still cry at the news of the death of an ancient acquaintance.


A list of objects and compound objects:

A vat. 

A car full of newspapers. 

Three rats. 

Four rats. 

Scrap metal. 


A fiery ring. 

An empty vase. 

A beer can tab. 

A golden retriever's tattered collar. 

A sponge. 

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