Trio No. 28


If you are able, find a patch of clean earth

Where the grass has not been cut

And no roads have been built.

Lie down and close your eyes 

And do not rise until the dampness of the soil seeps through your clothes 

And cools your body.

Until you hear the sounds of the crickets rustling past

And feel the ants crawling over your neck. 

And even then, if you can, stay awhile.


I am eleven green years old and as pink raindrops dimple the roof of my yellow tent a bird sings a yellow song sad short and ascending and I do not know his color or shape or name and never intend to learn them. 


A list of objects and compound objects:

Thirty three balloons. 

An empty room with blue walls. 

A necktie. 

Two bowls, nested. 

A broken tape player. 

A fir tree in winter. 

A fur coat in tatters. 

A fern. 

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